Student_Microsoft Products (Office 365) for a Mac

Instructions created for iOS Mojave


1. Navigate to the NTC website.

2. Click on Student Portal located in the upper right corner of the website.

3. Scroll down to Email and click Access Email

4. Enter your Student email address and Password and click Sign In.

5. Click on Office 365 located in the top left corner of your email.

6. Click on Install Office located on the right hand side under the Search bar. Click Office 365 Apps.

7. Click Close


8. Locate Finder

9. Navigate to Downloads. Once finished downloading double click the .pkg file.

10. Click Continue

11. Click Continue

12. Click Agree

13. Click Install

14. Sign in with your admin password and select Install Software.

15. Once installed click Close

16. Click Keep


17. Navigate to Applications in Finder and scroll down and click on Microsoft Word.

18. Click Get Started


19. Click Sign In


20. Enter your NTC Student Email and click Next
TIP: Your student email address ends with

21. Enter your Password and click Sign in. This is the same password that is used for Canvas and student email.

22. Click Continue

23. Click Turn on


24. Click Start Using Word

25. You now can start creating word documents by clicking Create on the bottom right corner.



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